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How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria

How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria

How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria



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In this article, we are going to solve your rental issues as we discuss on how to find flats for rent in Nigeria. Therefore, if that is what brought you to this page, then you should read this to the end.

Renting a flat is a common practice among Nigerians because of the privacy that comes with it as well as its space. Also, flats are among the most comfortable kind of houses to live in Nigeria.

However, finding a flat for rent is may not be easy especially if this is your first time.

Today we will be guiding you on how to find flats for rent in Nigeria as well other important things that you must know.

But before that, let’s see some of the factors to consider before renting a flat in Nigeria.


Factors to Consider Before Renting a Flat in Nigeria


If you are a tenant, you must choose a flat that meets your needs, in terms of the number of rooms, the layout of the rooms, and the location, but also according to your budget. 

The agent/landlord will give you information on the amounts of rent and monthly charge.

So, see some other factors to consider below;


Flat Size

You need to know the size of the flat you are renting. 

Sometimes, house developers prioritize certain sections of the house in the sense that the kitchen may be too big or too small, the size of the rooms too, among others. 

So you need to know the size of the flat before renting.


Natural Lighting

You also need to confirm the Natural lighting of the house so that you don’t find yourself living in a dark apartment even in the daytime.

Therefore, to confirm this, you need to visit the flat during the day.


Rent Price

Yes, you were expecting to see this right? 

The rent price must be reasonable for the flat size and features. 

Aside from that, it must suit your budget. You can visit fortunehill to get an approximation of the cost of renting a flat in Nigeria.


Service Charges

This is one aspect that most people tend to ignore when renting a flat but it is very important. 

You need to know the cost of the service charges in the compound. Talking about electricity, water, cleaning, among others. Knowing this will help you prepare ahead.



The location of the flat is important too. Is the place close to the children's school? Is the area peaceful and secured? How about the roads leading there, are they good? Is the place accessible?

These are the questions to ask when it comes to the location of the flat.


Basic Amenities

It is important to find out the basic amenities in the area too. 

You need to confirm if there is a borehole close or a steady water supply. You need to ask about the power supply in the area too.

Other things that may interest you include; gym, swimming pool, hanging lines, garden, bathtub, event area, children's play area, and many more. 


How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria


There are different ways to find a house for rent in Nigeria and among them will be discussed in this section;


  • Websites Specializing In Real Estate Rental

Visiting agencies or reading the newspapers is not the only good way to find a property to rent. 

Also, visiting sites like FortuneHill Homes helps avoid wasting time visiting villages to find posters.

The Internet is full of real estate ad sites. You just have to search until you find the property that meets your expectations.


  • Word Of Mouth

This is a classic method, but it is still very effective. 

You just have to tell your loved ones about your needs, and you might easily find a flat to rent. Your relationships can also help you easily find a property, but above all, speed up your search.


  • Pages and Groups on Facebook 

Often, it is also easier to find real estate ads on Facebook pages or in search groups. 

Social media is a means available to the community to provide as much information as possible on the properties currently available for rent.


How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria with Fortune Hill Homes


The easiest way to find a flat for rent in Nigeria is by taking advantage of the FortuneHill Homes Real Estate Website.

FortuneHill Homes provides you with numerous advertisements from landlords throughout Nigeria.

So, in case you have got properties for rent or sell, you can reach out to fortunehill homes to list them on the site.

To find a flat for rent with FortuneHill Homes, you have to refine your search according to different criteria: state, living space, number of rooms, cost of rent, presence of a garden, etc. 

As soon as you find a flat that catches your attention, all you have to do is consult it, bookmark it or contact the real estate agency in charge of managing the rental of the house.

For better understanding, you should follow the steps below to find a flat for rent in Nigeria;

Step 1

  • Visit and as soon as the page opens up, enter a location or skip this part and  click on the Category where you chose between a flat, House, Land, etc
  • Here you choose to rent.

Step 2

  • Click on Bedroom to select the number of rooms you want

Step 3

  • Click on Property Location to select your desired city or quickly hit the search button

Step 4

  • Use the Filter feature to search according to your budget and the type of house. After that, some results will show up based on what you searched for. 

Step 5

  • Reach out to the person in charge of the rental through the Phone Number attached to the flat you want to rent.

Step 6

  • Book an appointment with the person. Meanwhile, it is advisable to meet in an open place for security purposes, rather you go there with someone.

Wrapping up

I believe that you now understand how to find flats for rent in Nigeria.

With fortunehill homes, you find a flat that interests you as long as it is available on the platform. 

Another option is reaching out to real estate agents.

Meanwhile, we discovered that there are a lot of people also searching how to find flats for rent in Lagos, Abuja, etc. So, kindly share this article for more reach. 


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