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Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City

Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City

Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City



Do you intend to own a luxury house in Lagos City? If yes, then what are the things to look out for when buying a luxury house in Lagos City? You will find out in this article today.

Lagos city is one of the most popular and populous cities in Africa. It is also one of the best places for real estate investment.

Meanwhile, buying a luxury home is one of those things that people desire in the country today. 

Luxury houses are beautiful, comfortable, and presentable. So, it’s not surprising that almost everyone wants it.

So check out some of the things to look out for when buying luxury houses in Lagos City.


Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City


When you want to buy a luxury home in Lagos city. You need to have an image of how you want the house to look like in your mind. 

So that whenever you start the search for the house, you can easily tell what you want through images. 

Better still you can find a look at images of luxury homes online that can give you an insight into the kind of house you want exactly.

So, below are some important things to look out for when buying luxury homes in Lagos.



Location is an important thing to consider before buying any type of property. With luxury homes, it is even more important. 

Yesit is important to consider whether the residence is located in regions with good infrastructure for commerce, services, and schools, as this increases the quality of life and facilitates daily life. 

Also, it allows common issues to be resolved in the neighborhood itself, without the need to go far distances.


Leisure Attractions

A luxury house should also present leisure attractions to its residents, mainly because these properties have large dimensions, which allow the inclusion of various items.

For example swimming pools with waterfalls and LED lighting, totally different landscaping, sauna, hot tub, SPA, cinema room, jacuzzi, and more.



This is an essential point! 

Before closing the deal, ask for all the documents and calmly analyze them. Preferably, you should ask for help from an expert. 

Confirm that the property does not have family issues, debts with the condominium, or overdue taxes. In that way, you will make a safe purchase.


Natural Lighting and Ventilation

The comfort of the home is directly linked to ventilation and natural lighting. So, make sure the house doors and windows capture sunlight and wind into the rooms.

In cold areas, you should give preference to houses with wide walls and conventional windows with effective closing. 

In hot climate zones, opt for large windows, which create a cross-ventilation system.



With technology increasingly present in our daily lives, luxury homes have become more automated. This means more facilities for residents, as well as increased safety and well-being.

Automation involves, for example, controlling your home's lighting or security system through a mobile app. 

It is also possible to use artificial intelligence and voice control the turn-on of lights, turning the television or washing machine on or off, unlocking the alarm, etc.



The architecture of a luxury house is completely different from a simpler house. In general, it has the signature of a renowned architect or has an impressive architectural design, with the use of quality and noble materials, such as glass, marble, natural stones, etc.


Quality of Materials

Quality of Materials is one of the points that most differentiate luxury homes from others. 

In luxury properties, it will be of the highest quality, such as fine woods, imported marbles and stones, large-format porcelain tiles, and other items that help differentiate the space and live up to its market value.


Important Property Documents You Should Know Before Buying Your Luxury House in Lagos


When it comes to acquiring a home, documents are the most important things that should be taken seriously. 

So check out some important documents to note after making payment of the house;


Contract of Sale

This document indicates a successful transaction has been made between you and the seller of the house.


Deed of Assignment

These documents show that the house you bought has been handed over to you by the seller. Meanwhile, this document can only be collected when such as actually happened.


Survey Plan

The survey plan is another important proof that you own the house. This document shows the size of the parcel of land.


How to Buy Luxury Houses in Lagos City


In case you don’t know how to go about buying a luxury house in Lagos city. Then i encourage you to make a list of the few platforms mentioned below!


Specialized Real Estate Agents

Whenever you want to buy a luxury house in Lagos, it is best to count on a real estate agency specializing in luxury homes. 

Agents that are used to dealing only with this type of market that provides service for exclusive clients with high purchasing power.

With these specialized real estate agents, you are sure to make transactions with peace of mind because they ensure that the property documentation is up to date and prevent you from buying a property that is sold or with several debts.


Real Estate Ads Listing Website (FortuneHillHomes)

Fortunehillhomes is a real estate website where you can buy a luxury house in Lagos City. 

It is fast and easy because you will find the house of your choice on the website as long as the owners have listed it there. 

All in just a few clicks. Just visit the website homepage use the search button along with the filter feature to sort houses based on price, location, types, among others.


Conclusion: How to Buy Luxury Homes in Lagos city


I believe that you now know the things to look out for when buying houses in Lagos City. 

Meanwhile, we realized that there are a lot of people searching for the same. So ensure that you share this article online for more reach.

Don’t forget to also share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.


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